Manage & amplify your brand on social media

Streamline how you manage your social media - from planning and collaboration to engagement with analytics.


Social Media Platform Manager

Build a stronger brand on social media

Take your social media marketing, sales and service to new levels by engaging, monitoring, measuring, improving communication through collaboration, scheduling and approving content on multiple social networks. From acquiring new prospects to nurturing and retaining current customers, Midnight Social Media helps you and is an extension of your marketing strategy.

Connect With Multiple Social Networks And Integrations

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Plan and take control of your content

Schedule beautiful posts individually, through queues or in bulk, and use our interactive calendar to spot any gaps. Tailor posts to each social network to maximise organic reach, and optimise images with our in-built editor or design new ones with Canva.

It is so easy you can DO IT YOURSELF or let our team of graphic designers assist you in seeing the big-picture about social media goals and create a strategy and cohesive branded visual language to promote your company, product and/or services.

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You are already pulled in a million directions

Our goal is to make you more efficient at managing social media, so you have more time to strengthen your client relationships. No more jumping between individual social networks, easily engage with audiences by identifying important messages and take action in one place.

Build a stronger brand & following on Instagram ⚡

As Instagram Marketing Partners, our social media tool offers some powerful functionality when it comes to managing your Instagram accounts. Schedule photo and video posts directly, add locations to your posts and preview them before they are scheduled.

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Measure dynamic insight from your social data

​Spot trends through our in-depth reports on most engaging content, optimal posting times per network, and website traffic from social.

Generate in-depth reports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Our Reports Hub gives you eight ready-to-go social media reports for an instant snapshot of your social data. Automatically send reports to key stakeholders, team members, and clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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