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What is Midnight Motivation?

We are all about positivity at Midnight Design. We love encouraging our clients to do Motivational Monday posts and we post them as well. Our blog is +Pulse which stands for Positive Pulse. We have a section where we highlight positive assets and this is what we want to do today. Motivation Mondays we renamed as Midnight Motivation and then we took it a step further and took 52 of our favorite quotes and made our own Midnight Motivation Deck of playing cards.

This was our holiday gift to our family, friends, clients and vendors. We are now selling the deck of playing cards for those who want some fun and motivation in their lives.

We are also offering our Midnight Motivation Social Posts as a digital product where you receive the graphic and suggested text with #hashtags.

Graphic-savvy people love these posts too, as they are very easy to rebrand with space for your logo or company name.

But we are not here to toot our own horn. Midnight Design and Promos offers over 100,000 promotional products and only the BEST suppliers. We are so impressed with ShuffledInk we have to tell you about them. If you need your own deck of playing cards, tarrot cards, flash cards, affirmation cards or any type of custom cards we can help you design them and ShuffledInk will do an amazing job producing them.

ShuffledInk is the leader of the pack in custom playing cards and games manufacturing, Shuffled Ink (formerly QPC Games) is more than invested in producing top quality products. In fact, they are ALL IN!

Shuffled Ink is family owned and operated and based out of Orlando, Florida. They are dedicated to providing first-class customer service, unbeatable pricing, low minimums, incredibly fast turnaround times and much much more!

Years of Experience

Over the years, they have served tens of thousands of companies and individuals, creating completely unique custom playing cards, personalized tarot and flash cards, and more. Whether you’re in need of promotional items for a corporate event, a card game or personalized playing cards for a wedding, or something similar, their team can produce exactly what you want, when you want it and we can help you with the design.

An Environmental & Safety-Minded Manufacturer

At Shuffled Ink, they are proud to use nothing but the best in high-quality materials for your custom playing cards and games. Not only are they more durable and have a longer shelf life, but they’re also much more environmentally safe. Unlike other manufacturers, our products and materials are all safety-certifiable. Plus, everything we offer is priced extremely competitive, backed by our complete quality assurances and serviced by their experienced first-class team.

The History of Playing Cards

We are all familiar with the modern deck of playing cards, a standard deck of Bicycle rider back playing cards seems very “normal” and “traditional” to most of us. But to people of the past, a deck like this is anything but normal! The reality is that playing cards have undergone a radical transformation since their first beginnings several centuries ago. Our modern playing cards evolved into a deck of 52 cards with four suits in red and black and with two Jokers by making a journey that took hundreds of years and involved traveling through many countries. In fact, the most significant elements that shaped today’s deck were produced by the different cultures and countries that playing cards traveled through in order to get to the present day. Read this article by ShuffledInk, where they tell the history of playing cards, emphasizing in particular the geographic influences that have determined what modern playing cards look like today.

The Best Two Player Games

One of the best uses for playing cards is … for playing card games. This primary usage explains why playing cards spread rapidly throughout Europe after they first arrived there in the late 14th century. Add gambling to the mix, and you get a winning catalyst. Over the centuries that have elapsed since then, we’ve learned a lot of secondary uses for playing cards, like card magic and cardistry. But card games continue to be as popular as ever. Casual poker tournaments are found around the world, and the game is even played professionally, receiving television coverage. While classic card games like Bridge may be waning in popularity, at least as far as the everyday person is concerned, over the last century many wonderful new card games have emerged and added to the diverse options for playing a game with a traditional deck of cards. The choices are many: classic trick-taking games like Pinochle or Whist, modern trick-taking games like Hearts or Spades, partnership games like Canasta or 500, social games like President or Palace, and children’s games like Slap Jack or Go Fish.

But what about if you only have two players? In reality, most of us find ourselves with exactly two players, especially if you are looking to play a game with your significant other, or with a friend. Suddenly the options become more limited. A lot of card games can be played with two players, like Canasta. But in many instances the game experience is inferior to the same game played with more people at the table. Fortunately there are a lot of fantastic card games that are terrific with exactly two players. Here is a carefully curated list of popular two-player games played with standard playing cards.

Midnight Motivation has the power to inspire and encourage.

If you’re feeling unhappy or lacking motivation here is a little fuel to help improve your state of mind. Order our digital Midnight Motivation Social Posts, our Midnight Motivation Deck of cards or Email us if you would like a quote for your own personalized deck starting at quantity 15 - 2,000.


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