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Midnight Design and Promos is a full-service marketing agency. We exist to support your efforts with precision in most communication disciplines. We work with organizations of every size on individual projects and within retainers. Feel free to bounce some ideas off of us and we’ll be glad to share our feedback!

It’s not just what we produce that makes clients love the result, it’s how we approach each project and the level of detail and consideration that sets the tone for success. We are fast and efficient in delivering results because we gather the proper requirements before projects begin. We reduce the typical back and forth our clients have experienced in other design, marketing, and web firms. Experience the difference through:

  • Communication methods that engage

  • Compelling ideation

  • Cost-effective media plans

  • Customer engagement and acquisition strategies

  • Impeccable asset management

  • Marketing and advertising planning

  • New to market strategies

  • Reporting with insights that matter

  • Strategic project planning

Our goal is to produce results that WOW you, time after time. We care deeply for our clients and quality is at the forefront of everything we do.

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