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Kristin Kodenski


Midnight Design and Promos LLC                                                                                               

02/2013 – Present

Dagsboro, DE

Midnight Design and Promos LLC continues to produce highly creative, quality work and provide marketing guidance to secure a company’s competitive edge. Most recent work includes:

  • National Geographic: Production of International, Domestic and Canadian Inserts

  • Connects Marketing: Web Site, Email Marketing, Print Production, Maintaining Blog

  • Ellumen: HubSpot Web Site

  • Juvenescense: Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeping, Ordering Products and Lab Services, Social Media, Scheduling

  • Insulite Health: Maintaining Blog

  • Hashimoto Institute: Virtual Assistant, Archiving, Customer Service, Test and Certificate Creation

  • Eye Catching Creative: Design and Production Artist for various print materials and signage

  • Lightpoint Project: Maintain MommWhy.Life Zazzle Store

  • The Dog House: Print Ads, Postcards, Web Site, Update Social Media Pages

  • Hopkins Row: Logo, Web Site, Signage and Trifold Direct Mail Brochure

  • Compassionate Healthcare Nursing Services and GBMC: Advertising Specialty Products such as clear stadium bags, calendars and Hospital General Resource Badges


Custom Print Now                                                                                                                                  
06/2010 – 02/2013
Pre-Media Director                                                                                                                                           

Columbia, MD


Responsible for developing and implementing all tasks and marketing that relate to Custom Print Now and its four divisions, PrintNOW, PremiumNOW, BooksNOW and xMediaNOW. Including creating web-to-print templates, web design, print production, cross-media marketing, ad specialty sales, and maintaining multiple web site content.

  • Web-To-Print: Customer Asset Management, Consult with Development, Manage Designers, Design and Production for W2P templates and User Interface Screen Designs and Web Graphics

  • Identity Development: Logo, Collateral, Brochures, Presentations

  • Direct Mail: List Development, Database Management, Newsletters, Self-Mailers, Postcards

  • Signage: Freestanding, Interior, Event, Posters, Banners

  • Internet: Web Site Design, CMS, Ad Banners, Internet and Email Marketing including Strategy and Reporting



  • Non-profit: American Diabetes Association, American Institute for Cancer Research, Habitat for Humanity, American Wildlife Foundation, Autism Speaks, BBYO, Villanova University

  • Other: AAA, Pandora, PowerBlendz, Rider Insurance, Three Dog Logistics, Arthur Court, Novo Beads



  • Habitat for Humanity: Habitat had standard greeting cards printed in bulk and delivered in a number ten business envelopes. The main donor complaint was that the recipient claimed to never receive their card, because it appeared as junk mail. Created a web-based Honor Card Donation program, which placed one-off cards. It allowed for personalization and an eCard donation for last minute senders. Donations were simultaneously credited to Habitat, while the custom 5”x7” greeting card with a stamp or eCard was sent. Created 20 occasions and 64 clever greeting card designs, marketing descriptive page and also developed a creative yet user friendly interface to solve the problem. This allowed the customer to personalize and proof their greeting card and envelope. This solution saved $48,000 and produced 100% ROI on fulfillment.

  • American Diabetes Association: ADA wanted to find new sources of donor revenue. A web-based ordering site for customized wedding favors was created. The happy couple selects their “donation-in-lieu of favor” announcement, and then chooses a favor, text, ink colors, etc. A box arrives with a custom “favor” that shows their affinity for the ADA. Oversaw, managed and provide creative direction for designers to create the following type of products, announcement cards, table tents, scrolls, and bookmarks. Created the user interface, template files, proofing system, art directed the photo shoot, prioritize, organize, handled the project management and scheduling as well as the work of others. Determined the kind of tools and software needed to complete the project. This premium program set records for new revenue, such as 5,000 Online Donor Orders, 1,500,000 personalized favors, ROI of 300% on each order and 100% savings on fulfillment.

Midnight Design                                                                                                                                       

10/2000 – 06/2010

Towson, MD

Midnight Design evolved from freelance designer to a full time incorporated company back to independent contractor.

  • Identity Development: Logo, Collateral, Brochures, Presentations, Recruitment Campaigns

  • Direct Mail: List Development, Database Management, Newsletters, Self-Mailers, Postcards

  • Advertising: Ads, Sales Sheets, Inserts, Flyers, Launch Press Releases, Media Placement

  • Signage: Building Mounted, Freestanding, Interior, Vehicle, Event, Real Estate and Builder, Posters, Banners, Trade Show, Directional, Maps, Power Point LCD

  • Voice/Fax Broadcasting: List Development, Database Management, DNC, Script Development, Training

  • Internet: Web Site Design, CMS and CRM Sites, Ad Banners, Internet and Email Marketing

  • Event Development: Site Development, Registration Procedures, Pre-conference/On-Site Meetings, Production, Decor, Exhibits, Badges, Database Management, Programs, Evaluations, Signage/Banners/Booths, Premiums, etc.



  • Non-profit: UMUC, Kids Wish Network, National Troopers Coalition, Delaware State Troopers Association

  • Health Care: DHMH, Center For Infant and Child Loss, GBMC

  • Brokerages: Weymouth Realty, Long Foster, Century 21, Realty World, Dregier and Associates

  • Builders: William Douglas Homes, CGC Builders, Markham View, ITI Construction

  • Property Management: Shelter Group, RLA Management, MMHA

  • Other: Exhibit Promotions Plus, Tint Man of Maryland, Mail~Rite, Specialty Hypnosis



  • Allterra Group LLC: For over 10 years I was an independent contractor for Allterra Group. Started as a designer for a small appraisal firm back in1997, which evolved to an appraisal directory, then became an e-zine called Appraisal Buzz, expanded to multiple products and services along with an annual trade show called Valuation Expo.  Demonstrated knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services which included marketing strategy and tactics by designing and managing multiple web sites and produced the newsletter emails which were sent to 45,000 appraisers bi-weekly. Account executive to all advertisers within the buzz newsletter, exhibitors and sponsors while responsible for generating attendees and the event development for multiple events such as the Orlando 2003 Expo, Vegas 2004 Expo, Vegas 2007 Expo, Vegas 2008, 2009, 2010 and smaller regional conferences across the US. Attendance doubled from 500 to 1000+ attendees, the trade show expanded to include continuing education and online webinars and the newsletter grew to include eBooks, surveys, and a career section.

  • Dennis Marketing Group: Over 9 years’ experience using intelligent direct marketing and developed a state of the art fundraising approach that focuses on the ever changing multi-media world for associations like UMUC, Kids Wish Network, National Troopers Coalition, and Delaware State Troopers Association. With the overwhelming volume of competitive phone calls from credit card, mortgage, long distance companies, etc., the publicity of the Federal Do Not Call list, caller ID screening, and the elimination of the home phone in exchange for the cell phone, relying solely on a telemarketing campaign was not a long term plan for an association’s financial future to fund all their worthwhile needs. Research shows that many donors who won’t give to a telemarketing call will contribute to a direct mail campaign. So combining the two allows the association to capture both ends of the fundraising market. Developed a series of personalized mail piece marketing campaigns to retain supporters year after year and increase the giving response rate. Crafted a unique series of 6-8 mail packages that kept the association's name in front of the supporters all year long, not just once a year. This series greatly increased donors' support and promoted long term relationships. Asked supporters to become an associate member, providing them with a personalized membership card and a bumper sticker. Developed newsletters and managed the content of association web sites creating a communication tool to highlight the many positive activities of the associations. Offered a premium gift encouraged supporters to give more. The average pledge increases from $20.00 to as much as $40.00 and increase the renewal rate when a gift is offered.


Axiom Communications                                                                                                                                 

06/1996 – 10/2000

Baltimore, MD

Designed and created print and web design for commercial business to business and financial institution clientele.

  • Identity Development: Logo, Signage, Collateral, Brochures, Presentations

  • Direct Mail: Newsletters, Self-Mailers, Postcards

  • Advertising: Ads, Sales Sheets, Inserts, Flyers

  • Internet: Web Site Design, Ad Banners, Internet and Email Marketing



  • Financial: First USA Bank, Bank Marketing Associates, Bloomberg, PSCU




Syracuse University

College of Visual & Performing Arts
B.A. Communication Design

Maryland Institute of Art

Continuing Studies



Nominated Baltimore Addy Awards
Video/Film Animation or Special Effects
Client: UNISYS PeopleSoft – Title: “Job Skills”
Art Director and Animator


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