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Who are we?

Midnight Design and Promos LLC are an experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, project managers, writers, artists, and brand development marketing experts. We are the best and only work with the best, delivering innovative solutions, strategic sourcing, and cost-saving strategies. With over a dozen manufacturers, suppliers, a huge network of technical specialists, and access to centuries of collective experiences, we offer a wide range of services offering a one stop shop experience.

Kristin Kodenski has 20+ years producing creative designs and marketing strategies for the following industries: retail, healthcare, financial, real estate,  non-profits, and education. She collaborates with the client’s ideas along with her fresh, smart, and creative design solutions.

We are all about furthering education. We have provided internships to both high school and college students, many of whom gained college credit, expanded their portfolio, and continue to work for us on a freelance basis. This growing list includes Andrew Magill, Brett Snyder, Claire Fiedler, Cody Duvall, Emili Hibbitts, Kaitlin Phippen, Quinn Serfass, Sera Molitor, Joshua Robinson, Alexa Castro, and Breanna Edwards.

The Team


Creative Director

Willie Brennan
Julie Gorham
Frank Dew

Marketing Technology Expert

Marketing Content Architect

Strategic Planner

Alexa Castro


Zohair “Z” Yasin

Web Developer

Jay Stearns


Rosanne Dietz
Rosanne Dietz

Promotional Director

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