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Get professionally designed Holiday social media posts by a reputable social media company - and no design experience is needed. 

Since 2019, we have served up tens of thousands of social posts for our agency clients, and now we are helping individuals like you make a social impact with pre-designed, colorful and attractive social media posts. 


You only need two social post sizes for the diverse social platforms, and when you purchase Midnight Social posts, you get both! Plus, you will receive text which can be inserted into your post too. 


Social posts make an impact, help you get noticed, and grow fans who love what you create. Now you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what to say or how the design looks - we have developed the fun-factor for you. 

For only $99.99 you can receive 240 pre-designed social posts sized for all social platforms, proposed text to use in your posts, plus a bonus of researched #hashtags emailed to you. 

Graphic-savvy people love these posts too, as they are very easy to rebrand with space for your logo, name or special icon that represents you.


If you need fast and easy social effort, using our posts is easy - just insert the post, add text, any custom message you wish to add, and the hashtags and post. That’s it!

If you prefer to purchase one month at a time...


Social Media Platform Manager

Grow your audience, attract new customers, and reach your social media goals with an all-in-one platform.

Get FREE Holiday Graphics and manage all your social media in
one place with the Midnight Social
Do It Yourself "DIY" plan!

This is just to get you started

Do you to be able to easily brand your own social media? You can use the Midnight Social platform for your own marketing promotions outside of holidays. Streamline how you manage your social media - from planning and collaboration to engagement with analytics with the Midnight Social Media all from one platform.

See for yourself and schedule a demo!

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