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A shortcut to creating professional Instagram, Facebook & Twitter holiday posts or ads

Making new connections and creating loyal fans is important for any growing business, and what social media is all about. With our Get Social Holiday Gift Pack, you are well on your way to a successful social journey. Holiday posts are a great place to begin! You can use these tools to connect with your community, and also publish your holiday hours. Add to these designs your own unique voice and include a few hashtags to reach niche markets and you'll give your brand a huge lift! Midnight Social Media delights customers all across the US with social design and management that the search engines adore and social sites love to share. 

Holiday Gift Pack Includes:

  1. New Years

  2. Valentine's Day

  3. St Patrick's

  4. Easter

  5. Earth Day

  6. Mother's Day

  7. Memorial Day

  8. Father's Day

  9. Fourth of July

  10. Labor Day

  11. Halloween

  12. Daylight Savings

  13. Veterans Day

  14. Thanksgiving

  15. Happy Holidays

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Product Details

In our Holiday Social Gift Pack you'll find 15 readymade PNG files saved at horizontal 1200x628 for FB, G, LI, TW, PT and FB boost ready along with square 1080x180 for IG.

Their friendly design makes it easy to brand with your logo if you want in Canva or other image editor. The designs are not "salesy" but meant for organic brand marketing to obtain customers and retain your loyal following.

A text document is also included with a suggested social media copy to get you started and #hastags.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message us.

Free Fifteen Sample

This is just to get you started

Do you want even more holidays, design options, and be able to easily brand your social media? We have over 150+ holidays from the serious or cause-oriented like Martin Luther King Day and Adopt a Shelter Pet to the fun ones like Emoji or Cheeseburger Day. We offer 1-4 design options for our holidays and you can use the platform for your own marketing promotions outside of holidays.

Streamline how you manage your social media - from planning and collaboration to engagement with analytics with the Midnight Social Media all from one platform.

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