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Introducing STOP Offshore Wind Farms Postcards, your voice in the fight against offshore wind farms off Delaware's coast! It is crucial that we all take action now by emailing the mayors of our Delaware beach towns to express our opposition to these projects. We must also stand against any ACT town mayor agreeing to a 20-year contract with foreign-owned US Wind, which would require them to stay silent on the potential environmental, financial, and wildlife harmful impacts of offshore wind farms.


Each postcard serves as a powerful tool to make your voice heard. By sending these postcards to elected officials, you are actively participating in the democratic process and advocating for what you believe in. Your efforts can truly make a difference in shaping the future of our communities.


Don't wait! Order your STOP Offshore Wind Farms Postcards today and join us in protecting Delaware's coast.


A portion of your order includes a contribution to the 38th District Republican Club.


Want postcards for your district or other issues? Request a quote and let us help you amplify your message.

STOP Offshore Wind Farms Postcards

    • Size: 3" x 5" Horizontal
    • Paper: 14 pt. UncoatedColor:
    • Full Color Both Sides
    • Shipping Included - 4 - 7 Business Days
    • QTY 100 | $0.75 | $5 Donation to the 38th
    • QTY 500 | $0.17 | $10 Donation
    • QTY 1000 | $0.11 | $15 Donation
    • QTY 5000 | $0.04 | $20 Donation

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