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Experience elevated style for 420 or any day

Share your favorite design from our collection, and we'll feature it at the next festival! Contact us for custom shirts made in advance for 420 or any occasion. Need shirts made on demand at your next event? Let us know your preferences and tell us about the event you're planning!


Additionally, we also sell cannabis promotional items and packaging, including branded lighters, grinders and more.

What's Your Favorite Design?

Choose From 6,500 styles from 80+ brands
of classic and trending apparel

All items are subject to availability. We’ll inform you as soon as possible if the goods are not available or if shipment may be delayed.

Midnight Design and Promos llc

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32350 Cea Dag Circle, Unit 205 - Dagsboro, DE 19939 | 410-828-7990 |

Midnight Design & Promos

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