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Hopkins View

"I have worked with Kristin for years. She is very prompt and has guided me with excellent ideas and designs. She is very affordable and easy to communicate with and its a pleasure to work with. For my future projects I will look nowhere else. I highly recommend Midnight Designs and Promos LLC for our needs" 

~ Mr. Sivan MD

Owner Hopkins View

Hopkins View Homes and Apartments

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Social Media does not stand alone. We created the Hopkins View brochure, web site, virtual tour, monthly blogs, EZ texting service and offered geofencing advertising to capture the attention of nursing students at Johns Hopkins. 


Sample Social Media Post Copy

Affordable furnished single room student housing at Hopkins View, only one block to the hospital for nurses, medical and Bloomberg students.

NO appointment necessary.
Join us today virtually!


Coming Soon Hopkins View Apartments which offers the same quality and amenities as Hopkins View Homes.


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