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Mega Mayhem 2018

If you should fall, and you certainly may, just get right back up, don’t miss a beat, & start to run again. Pretty soon you’ll get where you’re going, and that little stumble, it won’t mean that much after all.

2018 has been a crazy-good one for Midnight Design & Promos. We’ve been really busy with our client projects, and have even ventured into some cool new directions with our new brand OCD Graphics. The funny thing about exploration is that once you set out on a journey, you sometimes find yourself in a completely different place than anticipated. But that, is where the fun is at! For instance, on Friday, October 5, 2018, a huge Heavy Weight World Championship MMA fight was scheduled to take place at the Bob Carpenter Center, located at the University of Delaware. This was promising to be a really cool night featuring two amateur, and six professional bouts including the Headliners: Shannon “the Cannon” Ritch vs. Michael “ThunderHorse” Youngblood – both OCD Graphics clients, with cool branded stores on

So, it’s fight night in Delaware and we were there, ready to go, with cool gear sporting custom designed logos & art, anticipating the crowds, electricity in the air, fighters primed. Then, like so many other things well planned, life happens.

The crowds didn’t show because, we were told, Ticketmaster listed the show as “Cancelled”.

The promoter didn’t show with the paychecks for the fighters, or for the fight-cage company, or for lots of other people, all who were owed and wound up taking a big loss.

The event was cancelled shortly after start time, and those fans who were there had to leave with only the promise of a refund. We watched it all unfold before us, like unintentional spectators at a low budget drama which was too terribly stupid to watch, but, too terribly stupid not to. We were gonna take Delaware by storm, but instead, a piddly little rain shower washed away our expectations, all in one unanticipated moment.

Would this be the end?

Well, not exactly. Actually, we all kind of laughed at the absurdity of the situation. That is in no way saying that we were not genuinely upset for all the awesome fighters & their support teams, the media people, blogger(s), and others we met over the course of the days leading up to the event, who were the real victims of this Mega Mayhem, as the event was called, had lived up to its name, but in a not so good way!

I want to say we decided to take the higher road, but in reality, it wasn’t a decision at all as much as it was a reaction. Not one of the OCD team for one second ever uttered anything negative. We agreed that what had happened was terrible on many levels, but started discussion with positive solutions.

We began exploring how we could move forward, recoup our investment and, most importantly, how we could possibly help to right this wrong done to all of us. Not get even, rather, just make it right.

Maybe it was the incredible attitudes we picked up from the athletes, the one that says; winners never quit and just because you get knocked down doesn’t mean you have to stay down. And, just like these amazing fighters, we too are moving on, and taking their branded apparel to new heights!

Since then, Michael YoungBlood has been working and training harder than ever. Together we created a new design for him personally. We drew directly from the get back up and keep on fighting attitude, and encapsulated it into the simple, defiant question “Got Thunder?” brilliantly emblazoned across the back of the Mega Mayhem tee shirt. A powerful statement to the tenacity of these professional athletes! There are a limited number of these Fight Shirts available, so if you think you may want one, you had better move on it fast!

Team Cannon has also been working hard, and we have just made available an awesome new design coming soon featuring him in full-color intimidation on the front of the shirt. Check him out: Shannon “the Cannon” Ritch is an American professional mixed martial artist, and the former Gladiators Challenge Heavyweight Champion and KOTC Middleweight Champion also current RUF Interim Heavyweight Champion and IFC Middleweight Champion.

Now, how about us? Well, we are expanding, and Midnight Designs and Promos LLC is now offering apparel printing in house as OCD Apparel with our new DTG (Direct To Garment) printer. This means we can print on just about anything in four color process, which makes custom orders extremely easy.

Check out the Event Robe & Fight Shorts we created for client Michael Youngblood, using this awesome new equipment!! We also created both Team Youngblood and Team Cannon shirts, which are now available in their respective stores.

There are lots more new designs in the works and on the way, so check back regularly to keep up with the cool new products – Some will only be available in limited quantities! If you are interested in creating your own custom design, send us an email at and you will be on your way to having a high-quality shirt personally made just for you!

Keep an eye out for the next blog post, as more information about our store, including exciting updates, will be posted soon. Until then, check out our main apparel website at We’ll see you there!

Check out this slideshow for pictures from the event, and some pictures of the fighters!

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