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Chemically Dependent Anonymous

Lately, a lot of bad things are happening and it is negatively impacting our lifestyles. If you turn on the news, you will see anything and everything between natural disasters, economic hardships, and government shutdowns. We are bound to live unhealthy lives with constant negativity. To add to that, there has not been a lot of light shone on the positive things that are happening. New drugs are being made to combat cancer, equal rights laws are being passed and we are becoming a unified nation again. At Midnight Designs and Promotions, we are trying to stray from the norm and create a more positive impact on the community around us. One of our clients, Chemically Dependent Anonymous (CDA), is exactly that. CDA is a supportive organization that focuses on your needs and assists with the difficult and seemingly scary process of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. It is a twelve step fellowship that offers experience, strength, and hope to those who come.

Chemically Dependent Anonymous

We have worked with CDA for the last couple of years. It was built on old technology which made it difficult for users to navigate the site. It also made it difficult for administrators to edit or make changes to the site. Long story short, it was very inefficient. Originally, we were handling the maintenance of the site, but then after showing CDA the cost savings of updating the site we did a complete rebuild. This included a visual facelift, which meant redoing the layout and making the graphics cleaner, more professional, mobile friendly and eye-catching. We also made the system more user-friendly since it was difficult to navigate in the past. Overall, the website was more efficient, it saved a ton of time which means saving a lot of money, especially for a non-profit organization. Additionally, we keep the bulletins updated with content which includes updates about upcoming events and anniversaries. Before the renovation of the website, users had to email the store to purchase any kind of merchandise, but now there is a easy to use online store. We also updated the print meetings material collateral.

If you would like to update your website, branding, or digital or print marketing, please contact us. We would be more than happy to make a positive impact with you!


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