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Koozies That Do More Than Just Keep Your Drinks Frosty

There is nothing better than sitting out by the pool or beach and sippin' a nice cold drink. But something is missing... something that can insulate my refreshment, something that can keep my drink ice cold, something that can provide a comfortable fit in my hand. What I need is a Koozie!

Koozie's have a long history. The idea was invented in Britain in the 1800s to keep warmth. In 1921, a bunch of patents came out claiming ownership of their personal ideas but the one that stuck out the most was Bonnie McGough of Idaho who had a collapsible version. In the mid 1970s, an Australian inventor created a koozie just to keep beer cold, which had the name "stubby holder". In 1980, Radio Cap Corporation created the "Koozie", which was a styrofoam can cooler, it eventually upgraded to a nicer material called neoprene. In 1991, Norwood Promotional Products bought out Radio Cap Corporation and continued to expand their line of "Koozie's". In 2001, after a large legal battle, Norwood retains the possession of the trademark "Koozie". Finally, in 2009, Bic Graphic buys out Norwood and continues to distribute and sell these products.

These days, in order to avoid any trademark violation or risk of being sued, a bunch of different names have risen.

  • Stubby holders

  • Beer cozies or cosies

  • Coosies

  • Huggies

  • Beer huggers

  • Coolies

  • Beer sleeves

  • Beer jackets

  • Coldy-holdies

  • Bawdles

  • Coasties

  • Bottle jackets

  • Qoozies

I am sure you have heard of these can coolers one way or another. They are one of the most popular promotional items for bars and liquor stores. It is a win win, not only is the store helping their consumer stay satisfied with their ice cold, insulated drinks, but they are also helping themselves gain brand exposure. You are able to customize your Koozie with your brand, pictures, or any graphics of your choice. Also, there are many different sizes and shapes that you can select from.

If you like what you see and want more information, please contact us!

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