Koozies That Do More Than Just Keep Your Drinks Frosty

There is nothing better than sitting out by the pool or beach and sippin' a nice cold drink. But something is missing... something that can insulate my refreshment, something that can keep my drink ice cold, something that can provide a comfortable fit in my hand. What I need is a Koozie!

Koozie's have a long history. The idea was invented in Britain in the 1800s to keep warmth. In 1921, a bunch of patents came out claiming ownership of their personal ideas but the one that stuck out the most was Bonnie McGough of Idaho who had a collapsible version. In the mid 1970s, an Australian inventor created a koozie just to keep beer cold, which had the name "stubby holder". In 1980, Radio Cap Corporation created the "Koozie", which was a styrofoam can cooler, it eventually upgraded to a nicer material called neoprene. In 1991, Norwood Promotional Products bought out Radio Cap Corporation and continued to expand their line of "Koozie's". In 2001, after a large legal battle, Norwood retains the possession of the trademark "Koozie". Finally, in 2009, Bic Graphic buys out Norwood and continues to distribute and sell these products.