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7 Time-Saving Social Media Management Tips

Midnight Social Media

For new startups and small to medium companies, creating and running your own social media marketing strategy is a complicated process. You are required to balance between serving customers and looking for new markets. You need to be very careful when managing your time.

Streamline how you manage your social media - from planning and collaboration to engagement and analytics by giving Midnight Social Media a try. We offer a FREE 7 Day Trial:

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Here are 7 Time-Saving Social Media Management Tips

Tip 1: Create a Routine That Works for You

Form a routine that works for you to ensure that you follow it. You do not need to follow the advice of anyone, despite their expertise or their level of knowledge. TRUST YOURSELF. Blocking time for creating and scheduling content is essential. You need to be monitoring and engaging on all platforms. Allocating these activities their own time will assist in ensuring that they are adequately addressed.

To assist in efficiency and reduce workload, using Midnight Social Media allows your company to have more time to concentrate on your business.

Tip 2: Use the Best Platforms for the Business of the Clients

Posting to multiple social platforms that fit your business ensures that you retain your current customers while also gaining new followers and potential clients. There will also be some platforms which there is no point in your posting because it does not meet your business needs nor target audience.

Tip 3: Plan the Content in Advance

Planning the content helps to allocate more time for building relationships and engagement with customers. If you are stuck and cannot plan your content, use the Midnight Social Media content section to assist you. Recycling content is not a bad idea, it can ensure that you develop different formats that enable you to reach a broader audience. Evergreen content means that the content is always fresh and never aging at all. Curating content involves looking for content to share on which will benefit your customers. You can use influencers, users, and any other online community to curate the content to enable you to get the correct mix. Keep track of your assets in a library. For example, Google drive can be used effectively to store the recent documents, images, video, and audio files in one place with the folders that are very clearly labeled.

Tip 4: Batch your Tasks

Batching the task simply means repeating one type of job in one block of time. For example, you can spend 4 hours designing graphics for your social media and maybe 10 minutes in answering emails. Batching will help you save time immensely since you are focusing on one thing with all the best tools that are in your possession. The following are steps that ensure it works:

  • Focus on one thing and minimize distractions

  • Forget multitasking, crucial tasks should be prioritized

  • Creating visual content - Include branded images, videos, and gifs in the content to make it stand out. If you do not want to do this yourself, Midnight Social Media is always here to take your assets and design your content for you.

  • Research new topics - Give yourself time for research on the industry's new topics. Keeping in touch with the industry changes will make your social media relevant.

  • Create posts for marketing campaigns - Making content for a marketing campaign in one batch is a huge time saver.

Tip 5: Work Faster with Automated Tasks

Use Midnight Social Media and automation for repetitive tasks that do not require the interaction of other people. Some good examples of tasks you can automate are:

  • Smart keyword monitoring. Using the correct tools can help you track all the brand mentions in one place.

  • For your daily routine, go through your comments and ensure that you have responded to them all.

  • Consolidate and streamline reporting on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preferences.

  • Utilize templates to save time. Keep the tone of brand by using Adobe or Canva.

  • Keep a hashtag library so you can copy and paste quickly.

  • Lastly, familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts in frequently used software.

Tip 6: Experiment

Create time every month for the experimenting and do A & B Testing. This will ensure top notch marketing strategies.

  • Use the new features on social media platforms

  • Start a user-generated content campaign for your client

  • Twitter lists

  • Use LinkedIn hash tags

  • Use Instagram stories

Tip 7: Outsource

You cannot do everything by yourself to be successful. It helps to enlist someone who is outside your company for insight and has the skill set for what you need. Midnight Social Media allows you to do it yourself with a platform that helps or we can provide this additional assistance to save you time and generate profit.

Bonus Tip

In organic marketing, there is no limit compared to paid advertising where you pay the medium and reach a specific threshold. Organic marketing is unlimited and can reach a widespread audience. It will always be available while paid advertising is not. Consistent messaging keeps your customer loyal and acquires new customers. Design and graphic elements- the layout, logo, colors, and other design elements play a crucial role in your brand's visual look.

  • Do not use conflicting messages as they will confuse customers.

  • Share carefully curated content with brand-related themes- the content should include entertaining, exciting, and informational content.

  • Use plenty of online platforms so that users can easily access information about your brand.


Take your social media marketing, sales and service to new levels by engaging, monitoring, measuring, improving communication through collaboration, scheduling and approving content on multiple social networks. From acquiring new prospects to nurturing and retaining current customers, Midnight Social Media helps you and is an extension of your marketing strategy. Start a FREE Trial today or jump in and pick a plan that fits your budget and needs.


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