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Quarantined on 420

4.20.2020 IVXX

Quarantined 420?

Are you bummed out being quarantined for 420? We are so sad not to be working a 420 event this year. However we thought we would take a moment to let you know about all of the fun Cannabis projects we have recently worked on, over the past year and what we offer from marketing, promotional items, package design to customized apparel.

DC Buddaflies offers "HIGH QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST.” Dedicated and passionate about the Cannabis community. Based in Wash D.C. ! I-71 compliant. They offer educational expo forums, pop-up shows, parties and restaurant partnerships. Collaboration with some of the local vendors, it has grown its following thru partnerships and donations to the community. We have produced Durable Plastic Heatproof Ash tray With 3 Grooves, Lighters, table cloths, package design, apparel and social media marketing. OCD Graphics will taylor any order to your specifications. We email and get your approval on mock ups on all proofs prior to processing your order, and can ship to your customers. From 24 shirts to 100s there's no order too small or big! See below the work we have done for "Buddaflies" along with other clients.

Chesacanna 420

Chesacanna was created by a group of medical, health and fitness professionals, whose passion is to help people become healthier through our knowledge of medicine, medicinal alternatives, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle change.

We participated in High On Health 420 in 2019 and Class Canna events. We have offered Can Huggers and Grinders as swag. See a video, vote on your favorite design or buy a shirt that we sell at these events at OCD Graphics.

We have also participated at NCW Nature's Care and Wellness Crab Feast. Nature’s Care was formed in 2014. For years, the principals of Nature’s Care have committed themselves to study and understanding the medical cannabis industry and the many benefits that medical cannabis can provide to its patients. Nature’s Care is dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare to its patients in a safe and welcoming setting. It is also intent on serving the Perryville community and surrounding areas as a responsible, reliable and involved business.

hi Tide located in Ocean City, MD provides patients with the finest professional medicinal cannabis care surrounded by a friendly, secure and compassionate setting. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Patients from all over Maryland.

We had FUN opportunity to created Ocean City 2019 Bike Week T-shirt.

Koselig Consulting, Maryland's Medical Marijuana Doctor for Meredith Piccinini we have created apparel, table cloth and now bandanna masks. Koselig is a Norwegian word that has no direct translation in the English language. While many people have their own interpretations, more than anything else koselig is a feeling; a feeling of cosiness, intimacy, warmth, happiness, being content. There goal is to help my patients achieve the feeling of koselig.

Here are some other cannabis promotional ideas which you can use for 420 or all year long.

We are still open and we are addressing the "new normal" even within our marketing messages. We are so PROUD of our "COVID-19 Frontline Defense" t-shirt for nurses and we have entire line of safety promotional items which includes items like masks and sanitizers.

We will save your company money and time on acquiring and managing the design process. We look forward to providing you with custom branded designed products! Please let us know how we can become an extension of your marketing team.

Want to know more? Check out our

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