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Street Talkers

In today's era, social media rules the advertising market. However, when traveling the eastern seaboard (or any coast in general), street talkers are often used to catch a driver or pedestrians attention. They can span from 7 feet to 20 feet tall and come in a variety of colors. Our street talkers can be customized to push your business to the next level. We sell four types of street talkers: feather flags, banner flags, teardrop flags, and universal flags. Each flag can be made single sided or double sided to your convenience.


Feather flags are the common and the most popular among the four. They date back to the 1970s when used by businesses to attract attention. In the 1990s, the use of the internet exponential increased which caused the expansion of these flags because they became more affordable and easier to produce. Additionally, with the introduction to design tools, it made it much easier to customize the flags.

To use these effectively and efficiently, it is imperative to know the color, the location, when to use it and the message. First, the color you select should represent your brand and company well. It is not recommended to use a color that is off brand. Second, placement is recommended to be where the most traffic is, that way, more people see it. Next, it is recommended to use them during special events and 24/7 outside of your business. Lastly, simplicity is key, a logo with two or three words will do the trick.

The idea behind the flags is to create repetition and association. When they see your flags, the first thing you want them to think about is your business and what you do.

We offer three different feather flags:

  1. Single Sided Customized, Sizes: 9.8ft, 10.88ft, 12.8ft, 16ft and 19.2ft

  2. Double Sided Customized, Sizes: 8ft, 13ft and 17ft

  3. Universal", Size 11ft

On the left is a customized sample for Midnight Design and Promos client VRcading and on the right is one sample from many pre-designed "Universal" flags which you can choose from.


Along with the flags, there is an assortment of bases that can be selected free of charge. There are five different bases to choose from:

Each base is useful for their own purpose. The cross-head base has a weighted leather water fillable ring around it so it has a sturdy base. The screw thread screws into the ground is recommended for softer surfaces. The car base goes at the end of the car wheel and the wall base is good for a sturdy wall, hung diagonally. The ground stake is also great for soft surfaces and can be stuck directly into the ground.

A case can be added onto the package as well for a minor up-charge. The case is great for transportation and storage.

If you would like to see the rest of the flag products, click here!

*All products come with a flag pole, a flag and a base.

*For single products (ie just flag, just a base, or just a flagpole), please contact us for inquiries.


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